Adult S’mores

Every eventful day of camping should culminate in time spent around a campfire, slowly roasting something on a stick, while sharing stories under a milky way sky. S’mores have long been the campfire pick.  Not being partial to marshmallows or the standard milk chocolate Hershey bar, I sought an alternative. The hunt was on.

My inspiration came from a campfire article in Martha Stewart’s magazine using a dark chocolate fondue as a dipping sauce for marshmallows, bread and bananas toasted over an open fire. I created a cognac spiked ganache with a little freshly ground pepper thrown in for zing. Substituting angel food cake for the bread and adding strawberries expanded the suggested trio perfect for roasting and dipping. Thin pretzels served as a dipping alternative for those too impatient to coax the golden char from the open flame into the gooey fondue.

In addition to the decadence of the dip, is the merriment of the making. Not only a deconstruction of the original smores, this version dismantles the approach as well. It is not a dessert that can be eaten sitting down. Interaction, creativity and frolic are required. Guaranteed to gladden your inner child, let go and dribble away. The only thing really adult about this variation is the infusion of cognac which will erase your inhibition to indulge in some-more.       Recipe for Adult S’mores

*I tried this out on Captain Bruce’s crew. Let it suffice to say that nary a one of them sat this out.

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